Shaping Medical Technology

BeyonDevices is the technology-transfer, research & development spin-off unit of NEUTROPLAST, S.A. directed at developing products that require the integration of different technologies and a profound knowledge of manufacturing technologies.

As a result of enhanced innovational and creative techniques, BeyonDevices was founded with the purpose of exploring niche markets in the Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging as well as Medical Technology & Device industries. Driven by innovation, supported by extensive industry know-how and presenting a growing pipeline of new products and concepts, BeyondDevices is the partner of choice for companies looking to stay at the forefront of the market.

Culture of Innovation

Innovation is crucial for any business which will create an impact in the healthcare industry. And getting a product ready to reach the market and impact customers will empower its potential to improve not only people’s lives but also your company’s future. Production delays and process failures can prevent this – that is why businesses choose to work with BeyonDevices. We develop innovative relationship models with our customers that guarantee maximum profitability which are translated into innovative products, processes and services that improve their degree of competitiveness. Our intention is that all our knowledge and research is directed towards the creation of value, by generating ideas that become businesses and contribute to boosting economic growth, as well as improving the competitiveness of the business fabric.

Specialists in Development.

BeyonDevices was thought and created as a flexible company, yet its main focus is the design and development of state of the art Medical Technology & Devices. Our objective is to Transform Knowledge into Business and that is to say we work by turning our know-how and research into objects that aim at the creation of value. Through a completely confidential end-to-end methodology, which goes from defining a need and developing a product to delivering a solution and manufacturing it, BeyonDevices adapts to the market needs, whether through its own projects or as a solution/service provider. In other words, we design with the ability to forecast manufacturing, compliance and market requirements.

The Future in Drug Delivery

Our natural market segments are Drug Delivery Devices, Medical and Diagnostic Devices and Consumer Health Products. We have a track record of several patent-pending applications already developed, but our focus reaches further, having collaborated with numerous companies on their own proprietary concepts. Furthermore, we are actively pursuing new projects to add to our current ones, always aiming at providing innovative know-how and expertise to the healthcare industries. At BeyonDevices we understand that we have to expedite critical steps - such as the tooling prototyping process - to have the concept ready to enter production and accelerate its debut into the market. We have a track record of numerous success cases in bringing new technology to the market, always guaranteeing that it is safe for human use, cutting edge and cost-effective. Be a part of our path and ensure the best solution for your idea, concept, project or product


BeyonDevices’ Development Process

BeyonDevices model of Services aims to adapt itself to the costumer’s needs. The diagram below illustrates the different phases of the development process for a generic device/packaging concept.

The costumer can present its ideas to BeyonDevices and enter at any stage of the process (except for the final testing) and our company will turn them into an innovative and marketable product.

A brief description of each phase is done below:

Phase RD1 – Business Evaluation: Activities

During this phase, our company will receive and review existing documentation on ideas and market leading concepts, review and assess the client’s previous patent applications and give our view on the strength of new patent claims, based on our IP knowledge. BeyonDevices will also conduct a detailed assessment of other products available in the market, to identify gaps in its usability and manufacturability. Finally, our services will include developing a project plan and elaborating a final proposal considering development objectives, quality objectives, preliminary costs, product warranty plan, necessary expertise, among others.

Phase RD2 - Concept Generation: Activities

In this phase, our company will select potential partners and request additional competences for the project, if necessary. We will also run workshops at BeyonDevices to generate ideas to address the key features identified in earlier tasks and shortlist and develop the leading ideas to assess their feasibility. Finally, our team will illustrate and test said ideas.

Phase RD3 – Proof of Principle

In Phase RD3 we will develop the ideas generated in Phase RD2 and demonstrate that they can achieve the required performance.

Usability testing at this relatively early stage in the program will highlight outstanding issues with the styling and operation of the device. In this phase we will also assess the feasibility and quality of the product, as this will provide a very clear picture of what activities are required and of the optimization potential.

Phase RD4 - Detailed Design for Functional Prototype

The objective of Phase 4 – Detailed Design is to complete the detailed design of the product and gain sufficient confidence in its performance before committing to tool manufacture. The product will be designed in 3D CAD and the design will be supported by engineering analysis and tolerance analysis of critical components and assemblies.

Phase RD5 - Pilot Manufacture

This phase’s primary objective is to complete design verification – to prove the design achieves the specified requirements. Pilot tools will be commissioned and an initial batch of devices will be produced and assembled for design verification and usability testing.

Phase RD6 – Validation

In this stage, the final product will be extensively tested and all final documentation will be generated and presented to the client. At the end of this phase the product should be ready for industrialization.