Smart packaging has become an active field of research in various industries as the need to track goods through the suppcastrol1422539117.jpgly chain escalates. Significant work is underway among various stakeholders to identify and commercialize smart packaging technologies, especially in the healthcare, electronics and energy industries.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Technical Insights, Impact Assessment of Smart Packaging in Healthcare, Electronics, and Energy, finds that smart packaging for healthcare and electronics products is the most developed. Adoption of smart packaging for pharmaceuticals, in particular, will increase rapidly owing to a growth in ageing populations in the western world and concerns surrounding drug counterfeiting and overdoses. Smart packaging for energy is still in an early stage.

Senior Industry Analyst Aarthi Janakiraman commented, "With consumers in healthcare and electronics, especially, demanding sophisticated packaging that can detect exposure to environmental factors, maintain humidity, and act as a drying agent, there is every reason to see more products being sold commercially."

Hurdles to commercializing the technology, according to the report, include the disparity in regulations across countries, particularly, stringent laws in Europe and North America, the perceived high cost of active and intelligent packaging, aas well as potential privacy concerns with smartphones, and low public acceptance currently. Customers need to be educated about the technology.

"Environmentally-friendly, tamper-proof, and lightweight packaging will be the next step for the industry," claimed Janakiraman. "Advances geared toward miniaturization, non-invasive sensing of packaging equipped with smart displays and radio-frequency identification tags will lend momentum to the use of next generation packaging in healthcare, energy and electronics applications."


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