For the first time a Portuguese medical device produced by BeyonDevices stands out as a finalist for the Innovation Award at one of the world’s largest event in the pharmaceutical field.

An innovative vaginal applicator, which allows the correct, comfortable and safe administration of various dosage forms, fully developed in Portugal by BeyonDevices has received international recognition by a panel of experts from the pharmaceutical industry as it was nominated as one of the three finalists for CPhI Pharma Awards. This award recognizes companies that have developed innovations in the global pharmaceutical industry and this is the first time a Portuguese company in the health sector get this exclusive and prestigious distinction.

  • Estoril, October 29, 2013 - Which will become the most important medical devices in the future? For patients and health professionals alike are those that facilitate the proper administration of the most appropriate treatment, so that its usage promotes full and effective patient adherence throughout the duration of the treatment.

This was one of the areas that BeyonDevices’ R&D team focused on since the start of this development, using the latest methods recommended by the various actors in the field of health care and pharmaceuticals, from user groups, physicians and pharmacists, legislators to the pharmaceuticals, probiotics and natural products laboratories.

By realizing that users of these devices have been looking for a change in comfort, ergonomics and safety during its use – aspects lacking for the past 20 years- BeyonDevices developed a totally unique device which is a complete breakthrough.

BeyonDevices is the first Portuguese company in the pharmaceutical industry that has ventured to place an innovative product for a detailed review by the one of the most demanding panels of international pharmaceutical experts.

CPhI Pharma Awards’ candidates compete for a distinction among companies worldwide, having to prove its innovation capacities translated into originality, development, quality, usability, market opportunity and global market sustainability. Products and services which are distinguished in these awards have to be directed to the global market and establish a significant technical and/or scientific advantage over the current state-of-the-art competition.

  • How is the new BeyonDevices vaginal applicator changing for the better the use of female-specific health products?

Women account for more than half of the world population and can suffer from several female-specific conditions. These, although not life-threatening, can result in a major decrease in quality of life and have a serious impact on socio-economic factors.

In the last few years several health and wellness companies have developed business models based on developing novel therapies to assist in the management of these conditions that are specific for this market segment; it represents a significant market opportunity as well as a chance in improving the quality of life of those affected.

 The patented design of the vaginal applicator developed by BeyonDevices is the result of intensive research in order to be able to identify the specific needs of its use by both patients and health professionals alike, as well as meeting the expectations from the women's health products industry. The result is a combination between an innovative design - that at the same time works to protect both the patient and the pharmaceutical formulation - and a functional one that remains practical in its use by the patient.

Another important aspect for the immediate success of the applicator is its unique mechanism of action that allows the use in a practical and almost effortless way compared to existing products.

The requirements for comfort, safety and efficiency aspects during its use with the needs for an efficient industrial production where equally considered as relevant since the beginning of the development. This in turn led to an optimization of the final form which can accommodate various dosage arrangements using the same basic structure.

The design brought flexibility to production which lead to a significant economy of scale for all potential customers that have a range of diversified products or are planning to add new pharmaceutical forms to existing ranges.

With this product, BeyonDevices intends to address sensitive issues in the health care market dedicated to women and show that there are effective methods to solve problems that are unfortunately still a taboo for many. However, this young company is not limited to the version for the application of tablets as it has in hand several developments for the same structure, aiming to deliver other types of solutions such as ovules or creams. Moreover a completely innovative inhaler is being developed with the goal of being released to the market in 2015.


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