BeyonDevices is focusing on the development of interactive solutions - packages with imbedded electronics provide feedback and elicit response from the patient. Incorporating internet based or cellular feedback features to provide professional caregivers real time data on patient adherence is a critical link, since it provides the opportunity to intervene in the case of a life-threatening non-compliance by the patient.

BeyonDevices is working towards the day that patients will have a choice how their prescriptions are packaged: either the standard cap and bottle format that or a complianceenhancing unit dose packaging that will ensure that the medication is taken as prescribed.

Patient adherence requires timely interventions, which will influence patients towards taking their medication as prescribed, without making them feel that they are being manipulated or coerced. Technological advances allow for smart (less intrusive) interaction with patients, depending upon the desired level of involvement. On the other side mobile applications are already used to provide information on thousands of drugs and disease conditions. These mHealth Apps can track calorie intake and calories burned during a workout, work as a hearing aid, help patients record blood glucose readings, and remind patients about medication. Physicians can stay connected to patients and access health records (PHR) on their phones. Smartphone applications already educate and engage the patient interactively.

At BeyonDevices we are already involved in innovative mHealth developments in packaging, ranging from a simple row of boxes holding a week’s medication with compartments for two or four daily doses, to electronic pill bottles equipped with a wireless transmitter, which tracks compliance and reminds patients of the time of medication by flashing the bottle top and playing a tune. Electronic pill boxes with 28 small plastic cups can be designated separately for different pill types and detailed regimens.

BeyonDevices roadmap for digital innovation will focus on leveraging the different areas of expertise and combining them in highly innovative and interactive products.

Therefore we will be providing our clients with state-ofthe-art solutions that have been developed with a focus on enhancing patient compliance and device functionality – still with superior flexibility and affordability.

WHO: “Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the [world] population than any improvement in medical treatment”.