The global combination products’ market is leaded by drug-device combination products. Within this group we find devices coated with a drug, devices developed for the delivery of a drug, drug packaged with devices, and devices that monitor patient activity including drug intake.

The last point of contact between the patient and the healthcare value chain is not the dispensing pharmacist but the packaging. The packaging can represent a huge barrier when the patient/consumer arrives home and opens/uses it, but at the same time packaging may significantly contribute to the improvement of patient adherence in medicine, for instance through communication and the use of intelligent (“smart”) packaging.

Smart packaging enables personalized interaction and information exchange between products, patients and healthcare professionals with minimal or no patient intervention.

With the intention of developing state-of-the-art “smart” packaging systems to secure a tight communication between devices and users, BeyonDevices innovative packaging solutions are the starting point for the integration of patient compliance data and its communication among all stakeholders in the healthcare system therefore increasing its collaboration - a patient centric approach.




The Blixter, as the name indicates, is a standard blister, covered with a layer of electronic filaments connected to a proprietary PCB placed at one end of the blister. The PCB registers, through a time stamp, the removal of single pills. This information can be read out real-time by a Smartphone or, at a later stage, by an event-taker. The Blixter can have other features, such as warning the patient when he/she has to take the drug.

This solution will be applied to other forms of packaging, including “smart” bottle solutions that enable the registration of the opening of the cap.

BeyonDevices aims to realize the full potential of packaging design and development to improve healthcare by facilitating better patient adherence.