Women account for more than half of the world population, with this ratio especially accentuated on developed countries where women encounter a safer environment to live in. Nevertheless a common global factor is that women are increasingly gaining household and purchasing dominance, hence creating a more powerful market segment.

The Boston Consulting Group estimated that the global incomes of women would grow from $13 trillion to $18 trillion until 2014.

By 2028, the average woman is projected to earn more than the average man in the U.S. (BCG)

 Women can suffer from several female-specific conditions. These, although not life-threatening, can result in a major decrease in quality of life and have a serious impact on socio-economic factors. Several companies are developing novel therapies to assist in the management of these conditions; it represents a significant market opportunity as well as improving the quality of life of those affected.

 Women and girls continue to face gender-based vulnerabilities that require urgent attention (WHO)

 Intravaginal drug delivery has been traditionally restricted to delivery of antinfectives to the local vaginal cavity - administration of local spermicides and cleansing products are a current practice.

 Concerted efforts that have been made in the recent past evidenced the significant systemic drug absorption through the vagina, leading to the development of drug products for the management of non-vaginal conditions. To that end, improved delivery systems boosted the use of steroidal hormones as contraceptives or in hormonal substitution therapy.

 This supported a rediscovery of the vaginal route as a potential route for the delivery of therapeutically important molecules, biological molecules, vaccines and hormones, mostly in the field of microbicides, mucosal vaccines and therapeutic proteins and peptides.

 Despite being a non-invasive route for drug delivery, the vagina has not been extensively explored as compared to other routes. Nowadays, the acceptability of vaginal drug administration by women and doctors is increasing, augmenting interest for this drug delivery route.

Improving women and girls access to antiretroviral therapy, HIV and testing and a range of care, treatment and support services requires specific targets and benchmarks for women and girls. (WHO)

Applicators are intended to be introduced in the vagina, adequately deliver the product, and then be removed. Safety issues are particularly relevant so it is important to design vaginal applicators with a focus on their safe use. Plus, applicator design should enhance compliance and therefore increase patient adherence to therapy.

With that in mind, BeyonDevices created a unique vaginal applicator with the following advantages:

  • Ease of use – unique mechanism to handle and use without effort, just with the pressure of two fingers;
  • Safe – contrary to ALL applicators in the market our unique design has no sharp ends and follows the anatomy of the vagina canal;
  • Efficacy – the design ensures delivery in the intended location;
  • Functional attractive design;
  • Economy – the applicator has been designed to accommodate all formats of drug packaging (pills, ovules, tablets, etc).

BeyonDevices Innovative Design

aplicador classico beyondevices

Our Solution

Our solution is subdivided in three distinct groups:

  • A (AVAILABE) – For delivery of Pills and Tablets 
  • B (Under Development) – For delivery of Ovules and Capsules
  • C (Under Development) – For delivery of Suppositories and Creams


For delivery of Pills and Tablets

Ref: BDWHVAP0101

Vaginal applicator for pills, prepared to deliver a cylinder-shaped pill up to 5mm width and 7 mm diameter. With a total length of 124 mm and a maximum diameter of 19 mm, produced with HDPE and PP pharmaceutical approved grade.

Ref: BDWHVAP0202

Vaginal applicator for tablets, prepared to deliver tablets up to 8.5 x 6.5 mm width and 18mm height. With a total length of 124 mm and a maximum diameter of 19 mm, produced with HDPE and PP pharmaceutical approved grade.

As our pill and tablet applicators were designed for minimizing manufacturing complex production, they can be easily adapted to accommodate your required pill dimensions.

The innovative dispensing mechanism and ergonomic shape allows the patient to have an intuitive, comfortable and consistent delivery of the required amount of product in the intended location. The depth of insertion is limited to the optimum size avoiding any pain, damage to the mouth of the womb, or micro-trauma to the mucosae.

The aesthetical appeal brings a “cool” factor to your product and will undoubtedly distinguish your brand from others.

Since the launch of an estradiol vaginal tablet (Vagifem) in 1988 and the consequent development of a specific applicator by 1996 – that uses the mechanism of the classic applicators but adds some innovative release control of pills – no radical innovation in mechanism and/or design such as BeyonDevices’ Vaginal Applicator has been introduced to the market.

The registered shape of the Vaginal Applicator was object of intensive study in understanding the needs of patients, physicians and the woman’s health products industry. The result is a combination of an innovative but functional design that protects both the patient and the formulation while still being attractive to the user.

This shape was also developed with an economy of scale production mindset, resulting in a minimal number of pieces that are uniquely produced to combine efficient production costs with the needed flexibility of developing a line of different formulations and drug formats.

The Vaginal Applicator is not only a multi-format device but essentially a platform for novel products specifically designed for the Women’s Health market segment. The recently launched version is available in both a patient-fill or pre-filled applicators.

Beyondevices has in development new design enhancements so that our original and exclusive design of the Vaginal Applicator can address specific needs from our Laboratory clients in the Women’s Health segment. The original product line focusing on solid forms such as pills and tablets was extended to include minor adaptations for larger drug formats such as ovules and capsules. All of this developments are ready to launch on demand from our clients due to the attention to production requirements since the initial development steps.

A specific version for the usage of gels and creams (up to 1cc) has been developed using the same initial design but introducing a specific delivery mechanism to address specific viscosities.

Future developments focus on extending the initial design dimensions in order to increase the capacity for drug formats such as suppositories/pessaries and also a higher gel/cream capacity up to 7cc.

Other characteristics that Beyondevices is looking into are specific surface adaptations to increase the smoothness and decrease attrition during the applicator introduction and removal from the vaginal channel. This will be done through the introduction of novel production techniques being developed by our R&D team.

All of these developments are directed at providing our clients with a wide range of options that will support them in developing a platform of products for vaginal application using the same applicator with unique attributes.